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TBI Rehab Centers Vary in Quality and Clinical Outcomes

Marie Dahdah, PhD, an investigator at the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Texas, published a study 21 brain injury rehab centers in the United States in December 2013. Each of the centers was part of a national model systems program. At the outset of the study Dr. Dahdah expected to find fairly uniform results in clinical outcomes for patients with similar ages and injury severity. However there were significant variations, with a 25 percent to 45 percent difference between the best performing site and the site with the lowest outcomes at discharge. Dr. Dahdah plans to follow up with further investigation into which factors are responsible for these differences in outcomes so care can be improved across the country. The take home message for the family of a person needing TBI rehab is to do your homework rigorously on the facilities under consideration. Do not simply go on someone else’s word or settle for convenience.