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Experienced Brain Injury Attorney

Millions of people each year suffer from brain injuries like concussions. Such brain injuries can be brought on by a variety of causes, such as sporting accidents, sudden blows to the head and so on. Perhaps one of the most common causes for brain injuries, though, is motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents can be classified as anything from car crashes and motorcycle crashes to bicycle crashes and pedestrian mishaps. Regardless of the cause of your brain injury, it is essential that you seek medical attention right away to safeguard your health.

How to Tell Whether You've Sustained a Brain Injury?

Brain injuries can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, and this is because sometimes the symptoms associated with them don’t show up until hours, days or weeks later. That’s part of why it’s so important to seek medical treatment immediately after you’ve been involved in an accident. Doctors can order MRIs and CT Scans that can help them determine whether you suffer from internal bleeding around the brain or any other serious types of brain injuries. Additionally, there are a variety of other tests that doctors and neurological experts can perform to determine whether your cognitive processes are functioning properly.

Some of the most common symptoms of a brain injury include the following:

Additionally, people who’ve suffered from a brain injury might have visible cuts or bruises on their heads. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that just because you don’t have these that you haven’t suffered a brain injury. Alternatively, just because you do sport lacerations or bruises on your head doesn’t mean that you have suffered a brain injury. A medical professional is the best one to properly diagnose your brain injury, but if you experience any of the above symptoms following an accident, it is recommended that you seek medical attention right away. Some brain injuries require intense monitoring and medical hospitalization to ensure that further complications don’t develop.

Why You Should Consult With a Brain Injury Lawyer?

There are various Grades of brain injuries. Typically, Grade 1 brain injuries are considered mild while Grade 2 ones are considered moderate, and Grade 3 injuries are considered severe. Generally, Grade 1 and 2 brain injuries don’t cause you to lose consciousness, but Grade 3 brain injuries usually result in a loss of consciousness and can even result in comas that last weeks, months or years. They can sometimes even result in death. The severity of your brain injury can influence how much money you could be entitled to in a lawsuit if your brain injury was the result of recklessness, wrongdoing or negligence on the part of another party. Under law, you are entitled to be paid for your injuries, and that’s no matter what type of brain injury you suffer from, you should always seek the assistance of a brain injury attorney. A brain injury lawyer can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your accident and help you determine whether or not you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit for your head injury.

What Kind of Compensation Can You Receive from a Brain Injury Lawsuit?

You might be surprised at how much compensation you can potentially receive if you win a brain injury lawsuit. Some of the criteria that you can be compensated for include the following:

How a Brain Injury Attorney Can Assist You in Filing Your Brain Injury Claim?

A brain injury attorney is well-versed in brain injury law and knows the appropriate steps to take to file your claim. The legal system can be an intricate and complicated process, especially when it comes to ensuring that all required paperwork is properly filed with the court and that all evidence is properly documented. A brain injury lawyer can evaluate the events surrounding your brain injury and then help you gather the appropriate evidence to support your claim. Some of the types of evidence commonly submitted in brain injury lawsuits include medical diagnosis, medical bills, proof of lost wages, and so on. When you’re already having to deal with a brain injury, the last thing you need is to have to worry about filing your own lawsuit. A brain injury attorney can simplify the process for you by taking care of all the minor details while you focus on recovering from your injury. Additionally, a brain injury lawyer has the negotiation skills and knowledge to ensure that you receive the most that you’re entitled to from your claim. They’ll fight aggressively for their clients to secure the most favorable outcome for them.

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