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TBI Influences Dementia Symptoms Later in Life

Some studies have indicated that TBI sustained early in life raises the risk of dementia during one’s elderly years. Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai wanted to know if patients with dementia who had a TBI earlier in life had a distinct clinical profile from dementia patients with no prior history of TBI. After carrying out a study they found certain significant differences.

The results of the study indicate that compared to older adults with dementia with no history of TBI, those with a history of TBI had higher fluency and verbal memory scores and later onset of decline. However, their general health was worse, they were more likely to have received medical attention for depression, and were more likely to have a gait disorder, falls, and motor slowness. Lead study author Kristen Dams-O’Connor, Ph.D. said that in light of these differences it is important for a doctor diagnosing dementia to find out if the patient had a TBI earlier in life.