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TBI from Man Made Disasters

On June 25, 2014, the Waco Tribune reported that a significant number of people exposed to the blast from the explosion of the West Fertilizer Co. on April 17, 2013, sustained concussions, hearing problems or both. Of the 252 people with non-lethal injuries 46 patients had ear injuries or hearing problems, while 53 had concussions or traumatic brain injuries, according to the emergency room records. Doctors believe the actual numbers were higher due to under-diagnosis. If you or a loved one is exposed to a man-made blast due to negligence you should get a thorough medical and neurological exam, and if it turns out that you did sustain neurological injury, then it makes sense to file a claim against the wrongdoer. Fertilizer companies, mining companies and other companies that deal with explosive materials must carry sizable liability insurance coverage.