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Surgeons Heal Damaged Brain Tissue by Restoring Blood Flow

In the April 2011 online issue of the journal Stroke neurosurgeons at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Toronto Western Hospital, reported the first ever successful brain bypass surgeries. The neurosurgeons operated on 29 patients (ave. age 41) who had lost grey matter along with cognitive function as a result of reduced flow from cerebrovascular disease. At 11 months post-op the patients underwent MRI which showed a 5.1% increase in the grey matter that had shrunk. Dr. Tymianksi and his team were elated since their goal was to stop progressive loss of brain tissue by increasing blood flow, not to reverse the tissue loss. Brain bypass could conceivably help patients with head trauma or whiplash that lose grey matter due to disruption of cerebrovascular blood circulation.

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