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Protein and Calories lessen effects of Severe TBI in the Acute Stage

The U.S. Department of Defense has just announced a finding by the Institute of Medicine regarding nutritional therapy for severe TBI. The IOM study showed that during the first two weeks of treatment for severe TBI, a high calorie, high protein diet can reduce brain inflammation and improve outcomes. The nutritional components which appeared to be the most helpful were the B vitamin choline, the amino acid-like compound creatine, n-3 fatty acids commonly known as EPA and DHA, and zinc. Choline helps replenish acetylcholine. Creatine stimulates activity of brain mitochondria. EPA/DHA (omega 3s) are anti-inflammatory substances that rebuild brain cell membranes. Zinc helps remove toxic substances, buffers brain cells from oxidative damage, and switches on expression of neuro-protective genes in brain cells.