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New Treatment for TBI Related Migraine

One of the most common consequences of TBI is chronic headache. Sometimes a TBI sufferer develops severe migraines that are partially or fully disabling. Curing such migraines has proved elusive despite the use of pain medications, anti-depressant medication, bio-feedback, neuro-feedback, and other approaches. Recently a chiropractic neurologist in Cranston, Rhode Island by the name of Victor Pedro, D.C. has developed an anecdotal reputation for significantly reducing the frequency and severity of post-traumatic migraine headaches. He allegedly does it by reorganizing the traumatically damaged brain through intensive eye exercises that restore normal pupillary responses. He calls his technique “cortical integrative therapy.” Dr. Pedro claims to have helped 150 patients over the past three years. Could there be something to this? Possibly. Since the optic nerve links eye and brain, and since migraines often have a visual component, the idea of vision therapy to affect the brain is not as off-beat as one might assume. If any readers of this blog have treated with Dr. Pedro I would certainly like to hear of their experience.