Head & Brain Injury Advice and Resources


In-Home Cognitive Retraining

Following a TBI many persons suffer from cognitive problems, and even when diagnosed as mild these problems can impair daily functioning at work and home since they effect attention, concentration, cognitive processing speed, multi-tasking, short term memory, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Unfortunately a significant percentage of TBI survivors with cognitive problems do not have the resources to pay for cognitive retraining. This occurs for a great variety of reasons. For people in car accidents the other driver may have been uninsured or underinsured and the victim may not have been able to pay for adequate medical payments coverage. The victim may not have had health insurance because he was unemployed, laid off or worked in a job which did not provide benefits at the time of the incident.

If this is your situation what can you do? There is a company called Posit Science at www.positscience.com which sells inexpensive software for brain retraining on your home computer. If you go to their website and search for TBI you can read about what they offer. It may be worth your while.