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Dog Saves Life of Vet with TBI and PTSD

War veteran Michael Sorenson who lives in the Chicago area was subjected to 4 separate blast injuries from IEDs in his service for the U.S. military in Iraq leaving him with TBI, PTSD, a spinal fracture, and severe depression. He received help in the form of Bane, a Pit Bull that was saved from euthanasia and retrained to be his therapy dog. One night Michael lay a knife on his bed but before he could use it to end his life Bane intervened and kept getting between him and the knife. When Michael realized Bane really cared about him he decided not to kill himself. Since then Michael and Bane have been inseparable. Michael even postponed back surgery to decrease his pain to pay for tendon surgery that Bane needed on his back leg.

The money to pay for that surgery came from good-hearted people and a good-hearted veterinarian who gave Michael a big discount. People living with TBI often fall into depression, sometimes severe enough to push them to contemplate suicide. Having a canine companion like Bane may be just the thing they need. Click on the link below to see Michael and Bane.