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Curing Hormonal Deficiency after TBI

Mark Gordon, M.D. is an American physician who pioneered the recognition and treatment of hormonal deficiency caused by TBI. According to Dr. Gordon any TBI (mild, moderate or severe) can dysregulate a person’s hormones leading to increased risk of emotional instability, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss, fatigue, confusion, amnesia, poor cognition, learning disabilities, decreased communication skills, loss of muscle tone and loss of sex drive. Dr. Gordon sets out the medical proof of this assertion in his 2007 book The Clinical Application of Interventional Endocrinology.

In an article in the periodocal Life Extension in January 2012 he discusses how hormone replacement can be used to treat this problem. Dr. Gordon says he has improved depression using hormones in TBI survivors with serious depression who never responded to antidepressants no matter how many varieties they tried. Another pioneering expert in the field of hormonal treatment for TBI is Donald Stein, Ph.D., at Emory University School of Medicine who is the director of Emory’s Department of Emergency Medicine Brain Research Laboratory. Dr. Stein has been testing the use of progesterone.