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Could Brain Ultrasound Improve Mood in Depressed TBI Patients?

In the May 2013 issue of the journal Brain Stimulation, Dr. Stuart Hameroff and colleagues at the University of AZ Medical Center published an article demonstrating that applying ultrasound to the brain improves mood in people depressed by chronic pain. The mechanism at work is not known. Researchers theorize the ultrasound could stretch neuronal membranes or stimulate microtubules in axons contributing to the repair, growth, and development of new synapses.

This technology has not yet been applied to TBI patients suffering from depression. TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is another technique for improving mood in depressed patients which has actually been cleared by the FDA for that use. At this point in time I am not yet aware of any medical facilities using TMS to relieve depression in TBI patients. If anyone reading this blog entry knows of this please contact me.